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Kluivert Mwanangombe

(Environmental Practitioner)


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Project Title
Grootfontein Municipality
Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed Township development Omulunga Extension 6
Mr. I. Lungameni 067 243100 Town Planner
Grootfontein Municipality
Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed Township development Omulunga Extension 7
May 2016
Mr. I. Lungameni 067 243100 Town Planner
Grootfontein Municipality
Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed Township development Omulunga Extension 8
April/July 2016
Mr. I. Lungameni 067 243100 Town Planner
Elizabeth Sacharias Private School (Pty) Ltd
Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed Construction of a Private School at Groot Aub
October 2016
In progress
Elizabeth Sacharias 081 286 4773
“Amazing Environmental Practitioners! We are very Passionate about Environmental Protection”

To become the leading environmental protector in Namibia by ensuring

compliance, while promoting environmental sustainability and justice towards our

beautiful Land of the Brave and at the same time become an agent of change by

adding value in changing the mind set for our developers and the entire Namibian


This consultancy was established and registered in 2014, it is governed by the

Environmental Management Act, 2007 (Act No.7 of 20107) and Environmental

Impact Assessment Regulations of 6 February 2012

Member’s background experience

Kluivert Mwanangombe

(Environmental Specialist):

Founder & Projects Manager

Mr.      Kluivert      Mwanangombe      holds      an      Honors      degree      in Environmental   Management   from   Stellenbosch   University,   degree   in Environmental   Engineering   from   the   Cape   Peninsula   University   of Technology    (CPUT),    and    a    diploma    in    Land    Use    Planning    from Namibia’s    University    Science    and   Technology    (NUST)    as    well    as other     various     short     courses     in     Radiation,     Health     and     Safety respectively. He   worked   as   an   Environmental   Control   Officer   at   Reptile   Uranium Namibia   (Swakopmund),   Environmental   Superintendent   at   Dundee Precious    Metals    (Tsumeb),    Environmental    Coordinator    at    Langer Heinrich   Mine,   and   Solid   Waste   Management   Officer   at   The   City   of Windhoek     and     Section     Head:     Solid     Waste     &     Operation     at Swakopmund     Municipality.     His     key     areas     are;     Environmental Compliance,      Environmental      Monitoring,      Environmental      Impact Assessments   and   Environmental   advisory.   He   has   over   8   years   of diverse      technical      and      project      management      experience      in environmental    assessment    programs,    regulatory    compliance    and resource    management.    Mr.    Mwanangombe’s    experience    extends from    mining    industry    to    urban    planning    development    and    waste management. His    responsibilities    include    overseeing    the    activities    undertaken under    the    projects,    interact    and    coordinate    with    environmental regulatory   authorities   for   following   environmental   project   guidelines as   required,   and   perform   specific   project   duties   accordingly.   He   has to   manage   the   permissions,   compliance,   monitoring,   and   mitigation related to the environmental projects as per the requirement.

Collette Simwanza-Mwanangombe

(Technical Advisor)

Mrs.      Collette      Mwanangombe      holds      an      Honors      Degree      in Environmental   Management   from   the   University   of   South   Africa   and   a Bachelor   of   Science   degree   majoring   in   Environmental   Biology   and Molecular    &    physiological    Biology    as    well    as    certificates    in    marine spatial   planning   and   Environmental   Awareness.   She   has   worked   as   a student   laboratory   assistant   Technician   at   the   University   of   Namibia (Windhoek),   Laboratory   and   Environmental   field   assistant   Technician at    the    Etosha    Ecological    Institute-Anthrax    Research    Department (Etosha),   Fisheries   Research   Technician   and   Fisheries   Biologist   at   the Ministry    of    Fisheries    &    Marine    Resources    (Swakopmund).        Mrs. Mwanangombe    has    6    years’    experience    in    marine    research    and fisheries   management   and   3   years   of   environmental   awareness.   Her area     of     expertise,     include:     Project     management,     administration, resource       conservation,       Report       writing,       presentation       skills, environmental   awareness,   data   collection/sampling   and   Data   analysis. She   is   responsible   for   Providing   Technical   support   to   the   management of    the    SM    DYNAMIC    cc    including    the    preparation    of    the    relevant national     reporting     requirements,     identifying     short     and     long-term technical    needs,    undertake    field    trips    and    liaise    closely    with    other partners and key stakeholders.

Ephraim Sinvula

(Financial Advisor)

Mr.   Sinvula   holds   a   Bachelors   degree   in   Accounting   and   from   the Polytechnic   of   Namibia.   He   has   worked   as   Taxation   officer   in   the Ministry    of    Finance,   Auditor    at    Grant    Thornton    Namibia,    Project Accountant   at   Eiseb   Exploration   and   Mining   Limited   and   as   Financial Accountant   at   Business   &   Intellectual   Property   Authority   (BIPA).   His experience    includes    auditing,    accounting,    taxation    and    business advisory.   He   is   responsible   for   the   financial   management   within   SM Dynamics cc.


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Grootfontein Municipality
Subdivision of Portion 59 Grootfontein farm
January 2017
The Town Planner 067 243100
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